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10 Quick Tips About Choosing A Wedding Dress

Yalilee Cavazos Vallejo

Posted on November 08 2017

10 Quick Tips About Choosing A Wedding Dress
There’s an infinite amount of advice from a countless number of sources about how to choose your dream wedding dress for your big day. But this wealth of advice can sometimes lead to a wealth of confusion, unless you’re one of the lucky ones where your great great grand mother passed you down an heirloom and therefore your decision is already made for you….. Although I suppose then the decision becomes…how do I tailor the dress to give it extra shazaaam and can I add anything to it to make it look just that little bit more perfect? Whatever the case, for us girls, deciding on a wedding dress is as big a decision as where to hold the wedding itself….or even the decision you have to make when he’s down on one knee in front of you!
"Although I suppose then the decision becomes…how do I tailor the dress to give it extra shazaaam and can I add anything to it to make it look just that little bit more perfect?"
Worry no more! YaliBella is here to give you 10 speedy tips to help you get through this important choice so that you look a million bucks on your big day. So here goes: 
  1. Focus on dresses within your budget. Decide on a budget before you shop and try not to make any exceptions. Trying on dresses outside your budget means you risk falling in love with a dress that your budget might not allow. This might mean hard decisions may have to be made, especially if no other dress compares.
  1. Go into dress shopping with a completely open mind. Forget your preconceptions. Preconceived ideas will only box you into one style, fabric or design. Let your mind free, you’ll be surprised what beauty you discover once outside your comfort zone. 
  2. Think about the theme or setting of your wedding. With point number 2 above being said….Matching your wedding dress style to the atmosphere of the event will help focus your choices and will actually make it easier for you. Lets face it….a heavy dress with a long trail probably wont be comfortable or look fitting if your wedding is set on a Caribbean beach…save those types of dresses for castles or fancy hotels. Likewise, a low square footage dress may not fit a fancy castle wedding. Be smart – you will want to remain comfortable in your setting and fit the dress with the atmosphere of the wedding. 
  1. Don’t bring a whole entourage when you shop. As the saying goes too many cooks spoil the broth…or in this case, too many friends with “helpful” suggestions spoil the wedding dress shopping experience. These friends may mean well…but remember it’s your wedding day so it’s your opinion that matters the most. Bring only the people closest to you who know you and your style the best.
  2. Listen to the bridal stylist.The bridal consultant in the shop is a valuable resource. They’ve quite possibly helped hundreds of women pick their perfect dress to match their body type or (as mentioned above) the setting and atmosphere of their wedding. They know the science! They can give you a good range of options to choose from, and they are an honest and objective opinion outside the bias of family and friends.
  3. Don't worry about your body type or size.Wedding dress shopping should be one of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences leading up to the big day. Standing in front of a mirror asking, “if your butt looks big in this” can spoil the experience. Now’s not the time for that, it’s the time for celebrating how beautiful and happy you are!
  4. Don't try on too many dresses.You don't need to try on all the dresses in the shop because you're afraid of overlooking the perfect one. If a dress feels right, it probably is. If you try on one-gazillion dresses in a gazillion different shops then the decision becomes all that much tougher (and a bit of an ordeal). How can you remember the merits of the first dress you tried on, all those hours and dresses ago…  
  5. Pair your dress with accessories.Accessories (i.e. veil, jewelry, something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue) might make a great dress perfect. Don't forget to bring with you sentimental or personal accessories that you plan on wearing the day of the wedding.
  6. Everyone reacts differently to finding the one. I’m not talking about finding your soul mate here; I’m talking about when you find the one perfect dress. Finding the perfect dress might not make you cry, or it might make you bawl like an infant whose ice cream has fallen off its cone onto the floor. It isn't about how you react; it's about how you feel.
  7. Enjoy the experience!This is (hopefully) a once in a lifetime experience for you…Enjoy it. Remember you’re there to find the prefect dress of course, but you’re also there to make special memories with your nearest and dearest (see point 4) so you are able to look back and smile about your wedding dress shopping days.
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